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Bulk Material Handling

Practical Guidance for Mechanical Engineers

Tens of thousands of mechanical engineers are engaged in the design, building, upgrading, and optimization of various material handling facilities.

The peculiarity of material handling is that there are numerous technical solutions to any problem. The engineer’s personal selection of the optimal solution is as critical as the technical component.

Michael Rivkin, Ph.D., draws on his decades of experience in design, construction, upgrading, optimization, troubleshooting, and maintenance throughout the world, to highlight topics such as:

  • physical principles of various material handling systems;
  • considerations in selecting technically efficient and environmentally friendly equipment;
  • best practices in upgrading and optimizing existing bulk material handling facilities;
  • strategies to select proper equipment in the early phases of a new project.

Filled with graphs, charts, and case studies, the book also includes bulleted summaries to help mechanical engineers without a special background in material handling find optimal solutions to everyday problems.



Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling